the other day i got bored while driving around with a friend. On my way to dropping her off at home, she decided it’d be cool to see how far the car could coast. I told her it would go on forever as long as it was in Drive and the road remained flat. But i did like the idea of see how far the car would coast, so i put the car in Neutral. We both tried to guess how far the car would go before it stopped and the loser would have to push the car the rest of the way home (was probably about 15-20 houses away). I guessed right and she lost. Being the gentleman that i am, i didn’t make her push the car home, but i did get another idea. I wanted to see how fast i could push the car so i told her to get into the driver seat and watch how fast the car was moving. I got out and pushed. First try i got up to 10km/h and my max speed was about 12km/hr. How exciting! It’s a good leg workout, so if your looking to get nice firm legs, push your car around the block a couple times.