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There are so many things I wanna accomplish, but only so many hours in the day in which to do them. I once tried to exist on 4-6 hrs of sleep every night, but then I ended up a train wreck on my days off, and did nothing but sleep. Go figure. Maybe humans will evolve to the point where they no longer have to sleep. Wouldnt that be amazing?

I eluded to something in my last post that I would like to retract. I said that The End of the Line was a good book to read because it gave a different perspective from what most pro-American versions might tend to show. But really, I wasnít there so I canít really say whoís wrong and whoís right. Each participant in the war had his or her own perspective and perception of the conflict. Itís not possible to conclude that one personís version of the war is valid and anotherís is not, simple because each version is the way it was for the brave individual who lived it. Also, since this is the only detailed account of the Vietnam war I have read I really have nothing to compare it to. And it only focuses on one event, the battle at Khe Sahn.