I installed a new version of wordpress. Its alot more user friendly and has neat features.

Open up the category button at the side so you can set your post in the specified category.

To set a mood for your post just open up the Custom Fields box at the bottom. Where it says “select” set it to “Mood” and then change the value to the mood you would like to use.

For images, a nice feature has been added. If you want to upload your own picture here on my site just browser for it below and then select a title and then hit upload. It should show up and then left click on it and click on copy image link. Now look up see that little tree button, click on that and paste in the image link and any other options you would like.

You can also change the typing window by draggit it higher or lower to your choosings. Its right under the vertical scroll bar, right above the Save/Publish button.

Enjoy Blogging.