Well, its been over 2 months now since i’ve posted. Doesn’t seem like this sites gonna dissapear anytime soon so might as well make use of it. I’ll try and post everyday (or as much as possible). The posts are going to be mainly based on my day-to-day experiences so they’re going to be pretty sad seeing as i live a pretty sad life.

School has started once agian. I’ve got CCT353 or some crap with rizwan. It made me realize how much i hated CCIT classes. Professor Hearn, what a crack head. Someone should buy her some anti-perspirant. Her black shirt always has a pool of rancid sweat under her arms. Its the dead of winter and she’s still producing oceans of sweat under her arms. Someone should also buy her a new wardrobe, she’s in need of one. Black shirts and brownish pants are all she wears. Seems like its going to be another year of looking around the room and making fun of other students.

Today class was fun. One of my professors was talking about ethics and said something stupid like “the executives and Enron didn’t do anything worng because they didn’t know what was going on”. My friend put up his hand and the prof acknowledged him. “Sir, are you on crack?” I couldn’t believe my friend just asked a professor if he was on crack. That was too funny. He later blamed me because i always use that phrase…”are you on crack?!”

i have to stop writing now because Rizwan the communist demands i stop posting.