sold my motorcycle today. Dude came all the way from kitchener to check it out and he bought it. Asking price was only $1200, but i got $1300. Just call me Mr. Trump Jr.

I started emailing others who were interested back, telling them it was sold. Then i started getting emails back saying things like “damn…how much you sell it for? I was gonna offer you 1400″…sure…whatever. Thats why you never got back to me or showed up at my house when you said you would. Jackass.

So ya…now im baby is gone. There’s an empty space in the garage and my heart…

As the buyer was testing it out, and i saw him riding it…i felt like saying “sorry…bike is no longer for sale” and keeping it. Ah well…next year is a different story. Got $1300 towards my SV650…yum!

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