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Well, im selling my motorcycle. Going bikeless is gonna be hard especially with all this nice weather. I put the motorcycle in the Trader last week and have been getting e-mails like crazy but no good offers have come through. There’s a couple people coming down to see it tomorrow. Some from as far as markham and pickering…and one of them sounds like a hot girl. Check out my add in the Trader.

On a side note, we’re selling crab legs at work (for what reason…i have no idea). It’s a cheap as store with cheap ass clientele and they expect a bag of crab legs that costs about $20 to sell like hot cakes. Idiots. I think they should be pushing BBQ products like Striploins, or Ribs….not crabs. But what do i know? I’m just an underpaid meat clerk.

The worst part is that we, and by we i mean I, have to bag these damn things. You ever see crab legs? They have these razor sharp needle like things at the end of their legs. Stabbed myself countless times trying to get them into the damn bags. Even stabbed my palm and it started to bleed like crazy. Then i threw the bag of crab legs to the ground and stomped on it. That felt good. Wonder who bought that bag?