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sold my motorcycle today. Dude came all the way from kitchener to check it out and he bought it. Asking price was only $1200, but i got $1300. Just call me Mr. Trump Jr.

I started emailing others who were interested back, telling them it was sold. Then i started getting emails back saying things like “damn…how much you sell it for? I was gonna offer you 1400″…sure…whatever. Thats why you never got back to me or showed up at my house when you said you would. Jackass.

So ya…now im baby is gone. There’s an empty space in the garage and my heart…

As the buyer was testing it out, and i saw him riding it…i felt like saying “sorry…bike is no longer for sale” and keeping it. Ah well…next year is a different story. Got $1300 towards my SV650…yum!

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Well, im selling my motorcycle. Going bikeless is gonna be hard especially with all this nice weather. I put the motorcycle in the Trader last week and have been getting e-mails like crazy but no good offers have come through. There’s a couple people coming down to see it tomorrow. Some from as far as markham and pickering…and one of them sounds like a hot girl. Check out my add in the Trader.

On a side note, we’re selling crab legs at work (for what reason…i have no idea). It’s a cheap as store with cheap ass clientele and they expect a bag of crab legs that costs about $20 to sell like hot cakes. Idiots. I think they should be pushing BBQ products like Striploins, or Ribs….not crabs. But what do i know? I’m just an underpaid meat clerk.

The worst part is that we, and by we i mean I, have to bag these damn things. You ever see crab legs? They have these razor sharp needle like things at the end of their legs. Stabbed myself countless times trying to get them into the damn bags. Even stabbed my palm and it started to bleed like crazy. Then i threw the bag of crab legs to the ground and stomped on it. That felt good. Wonder who bought that bag?

Now that I have grown older and wiser, I am starting to decide how to make my money work for me. I already have a decent sum in GICís at TD Bank, but that will give me peanuts after two years, which is the maturity period. I was going to get a savings account, but then I found out the minimum was $5 000 and at the time I was planning on using my money to buy a new motorcycle and did not want to pay fees for taking money out of my savings account.

I started looking at INGís website and what they offer seems pretty enticing. Their savings account offers 3.00% with no fees, including penalty fees which is pretty good. They also have this other savings account that locks your money away for 1 to 5 years, and gives you 3.70% to 4.05% respectively. Now, any of these rates are better than the 2.90% TD is offering. Well, actually its 1.5%, but if I keep it in till October 2006, then its 2.90%.

The only reason I went with a GIC was that the money wasnít tied up, and if I needed it I could get it without paying exuberant penalty fees. Now I am thinking of just cashing in all my GICís and putting that amount into the 3.70% interest account from ING, and placing whatever I have left into an ING savings account. That sounds copacetic.

On top of that, I was thinking of placing a small amount in an RRSP but I canít remember if there was a minimum amount you needed to start off with.

Trying to get your money to work for you is hard.

looks like a went a little crazy on the “Publish” button…ah well

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Iím back from Boston, and it was quite a trip. Driving about 530 Miles wasnít all that fun, but the crazy drivers kept me awake. Almost got side-swiped by 3 tractor-trailers, and one almost ran me off the road. That was fun.

Then we get to downtown Boston to where my sister lives, and the drivers and streets are worse than downtown Toronto. My mom needed milk because she canít breathe without her daily shots of tea, so we set out to get it. My sis says she knows how to get there, but after we make the first left, she says ďok, I donít know where to go from hereĒ. Great. Needless to say, we got lost, and it seemed like every street we turned onto led to the HWY. Trying to get back to my sisters place was nothing short of a mission. You try driving a 3000+LB Jeep Grand Cherokee in traffic, with taxi drivers driving like they own the place, your mom sitting in the back shouting at you to watch out for this, and watch out for that, and do this and donít do that, and you have no clue where to go, and on top of that, you have to make sure the street your turning on isnít a one way street and all that crap. To say the leastÖit was nuts. Eventually we got back to my sisters living quarters and all was well.

As a member of the male community, I must report that my sisterís roommate was H-O-T hot. Sheís in her final year of some Dental specialist program. But then I found out she was married. Lucky bastard.

On a side note, there are some rich people in Boston. As soon as I got off the HWY I saw 3 black Mercedes SL55ís. Beautiful. There were also a huge array of other Mercedes, BMWís, and Porsches. On the way home I also saw a Bentley Continental GTÖthat was nice.