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Well…that’s the end of that. No more motorcycling for me this summer. Finally got around to taking it into a shop today and the mechanic called me up and I asked if he found anything wrong. He said “you have some serious problems here” and then started to list all the things that need fixing. To make a long story short, my motorcycles in REALLY bad shape and the mechanic said that it’s probably not even worth fixing it cause it’ll cost more than the motorcycle itself, which was exactly what I was thinking when he was listing all the problems. He also added that he was amazed that I could even ride it into the shop and that according to the Ministry of Transportation he’s not even allowed to let me take the motorcycle back on the road. Crazy stuff. I knew there was probably something wrong with it, but not this bad.

Hey Rizwan…want to buy a motorcycle?

On a side note, according to my friend I was hit on by a cute girl at West Coast. I thought she was just trying to get me to buy stuff, but my friend called me stupid and said she was totally hitting on me. My friend came to this conclusion because the sales person started talking to me about stuff not related to clothes, and kept making jokes and because before my friend and I left the store she said “when you get your Ducati come back and take me for a ride.” My friend also came to this conclusion because the sales person never really talked to him. I told him that was because he looked like a bum and she probably figured that by the looks of him, he couldn’t afford anything in the store.