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May 19 2005

Today I set out once again on my motorcycle, looking for adventure. What I found was some really hair raising moments. I was riding along down McLaughlin towards Eglington and was on the inner most left turn lane. The retard on the outer lane proceeds to cut into my lane while turning, just as Iím shifting into 3rd gear. I see the SUV start lurching over into my lane and have to lean over like a crazy man just to avoid running into the damn SUV. Hair raising experience one.

Later, Iím going down Dixie I believe, and am going pretty fast. I donít notice that the lights are about to go red so Iím not really prepared to stop. Lights go red, and thereís a car making a left turn, so I have no choice but to try and stop. I start slamming on the brakes and start downshifting rapidly, trying not to lock up the rear tires (that can easily happen when breaking hard and downshifting). As Iím doing this, I see the road surface is about to change from good asphalt to that chewed up asphalt. You know, the kind that is just about to receive a new layer of asphaltÖthe dug up lines…ah well. Anyway, so thereís no way of avoiding it now so I just hold on tight. As soon as my rear tire hits it, it begins to wiggle but not too badly because I did slow down quite a bit. Nonetheless, it was an unsettling feeling. Hair raising experience two.

Later on, on the same road I see the same type of asphalt but couldnít avoid it so I had to run over it. As soon as I did my bike violentlyÖand I mean violently swerves to the right. It was the same feeling as standing on a chair and having it kicked out from under you. Luckily the bike drifted over to flat area and I just rode on that and got off of that god forsaken road as soon as I could. Hair raising experience three.

After that, im headed down some other road (forgot which one) and I end up in some weird GTAA compound. As I enter I see a sign saying ďauthorized vehicles onlyĒ. So whatever, I pull a U-Turn the first chance I get and get back into Britannia.

Then once again Iím flying down Britannia and this retard in a van is making me nervous because it was swerving around like a drunk, and now it was right beside me with its turn signals on, signaling to come into my lane. Up ahead were the lights at Erin Mills and Britannia which were green when I first looked. So the retard in the van cuts off the guy behind me and is basically tailgating me. Now, I shift my attention from the stupid van to the lights ahead, which areÖsurprise, surpriseÖred. I was doing about 90km/h and didnít have all that much distance to stop. If that wasnít bad enough, the retarded van was right behind me, and chances are that if I was able to stop, the van probably wouldnít be able to and would plow right into me. Now I had to either take my chances, try to stop and hope the guy behind me doesnít rear end me, or I could switch lanes and try to slow down/stop at the same time. I opted for the latter. Now, one thing that they teach you in motorcycle training is NEVER brake or shift while turning. But in emergencyís you just got to hold on tight and pray. So I switch lanes (now I was about a truck lengths/ Ĺ a trucks length from the intersection) and start braking and downshifting. While braking, Iím trying to exert more pressure on the rear brakes than on the front, because the last thing I want to do is an unplanned stoppie (where you grab the front brakes hard and purposely bring the rear end up). So anyway, Iím stopping and I can feel my rear wheel locking up, and the back end starts to fishtail but I just keep on applying the brakes because otherwise Iíd be in the middle of the intersection. I end up just ahead of the painted white line and I hear this screeching and itís that retarded van smoking his tires trying to stop. Itís a good thing I decided to change lanes! So at the lights I put my bike into neutral and exchange pleasantries with the punk driving the van. I donít think I have ever swore that much in my entire life. Hair raising experience four.

Aside from all this, it was an ok day.

May 20 2005

Today I went out for a short solo run on my motorcycle. No hair raising experiences today, just open roads and 6th gear. It seems that I have developed somewhat of a fear of corners now, no doubt due to my accident last September. Corners that I use to take in stride now make me nervous and uneasy and I start to downshift and slowdown, taking them at grandma speeds. I guess I just need some time to get over it and start carving up the corners like last year.

on a side note, i told myself not to take the bike on long distance runs until i get a shop to look at it. To hell with that. Besides, 250km’s in two days isn’t long distance…right?..

Just wanted to give a quick thanks for the warm birthday wishes. Rizwan, sorry i didn’t come online last night. A couple of my friends wanted to take me out for a couple drinks…and no..i wasn’t drunk…tipsy maybe but not drunk. And, yes…i did come online after i got home but MSN was acting weird and disconnected me. I was too lazy to try agian, so i just hit the sac.

once agian…thanks.

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Aman came online at 2:24 am in the morning, but went offline immediately. I think he is far too drunk to know what he is doing. SOBER UP BUDDY. if u dont, have fun while ur drunk
Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I once knew a boy,
He was so shy
I went up to him and said,
He looked at me
And smiled that sweet smile
Now our friendship I’d walk for…a hundred mile.

Dedicated to the RAAT crew!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I once knew a boy,
He was so shy
I went up to him and said,
He looked at me
And smiled that sweet smile
Now our friendship I’d walk for…a hundred mile.

Dedicated to the RAAT crew!!

It’s just so weird how life is weird,
It’s just so sad that life can be so sad,
It’s just so blue and life is too
It’s just so blah wat do you think yarrh.

Aaahh…Just wastin time and spillin some words.
Im sick as a dog
don’t know why im on this blog
Im sick as a cat
Cuz i didn’ t wear my hat
Im sick as a doorknob,
Kinda like Spongebob.
I guess you get it by now…

I had dance practise the other day…yoopeee….work is busy…summa skoo started…need to pay my tuition…im tired…

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