Yesterday I finally got around to fixing the rear brake light on my motorcycle. Since I got the bike last year, the rear brake light would not turn on when the rear brake was activated. I fixed it by using a metal hook thatís used to hold up curtainsÖIím so resourceful. So anyway, I decided Iíd go out for a spin today even though it was freezing. While riding, I saw a Mercedes E500 overtake a fellow motorcyclist. The motorcyclist didnít like this, so he quickly switched lanes and gunned it. He did a wheelie and over took the E500. It was pretty cool to watch.

Then later on in my travels, as I turned on to Bristol Rd., some dude on a dual sport (looks like an off road motorcycleÖthin tires, pretty high off the ground..) came out of nowhere like a bat out of hell, and passed me. While he was passing me he kept looking back at me and when he got to the next intersection he stopped and kept looking back at me. When I got closer he just nodded and raised a handÖI guess he wanted to say sorry or something? Who knows.

I still have to take my motorcycle to the shop to get it checked out, but itís hard because these damn retarded weather people donít know what theyíre doing. All the shops are pretty busy so you have to book an appointment in advance and since I donít want to go riding in the rain, I have to make sure itís not raining that day. Plan was to take it in this past Monday, but the stupid weather retards said it would be raining so I didnít make an appointment. Mondays comes around, and thereís no rain whatsoever. The same story goes for all the other days in the week.

Being a weather forecaster has got to be one of the easiest jobs. Itís the only job I can think of where even if the forecaster is wrong, people will still turn to them for advise the following day. Can you imagine sitting in school and replying to a math question with: ďwell, thereís a slight chance that itís 15, with a 60% chance that itís 19. Or it could be in the mid 20ís.Ē Wouldnít that be sweet! But alas, life isnít like that. Life is hard, but its even harder when your stupid.