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I have this weird problem where I scratch or touch my face alot. I’ve pretty much been doing it my whole life, with brief intervals. I try hard not to do it, but all of a sudden I’ll “come to” and find out I’ve been doing it without even realizing it(especially when I’m stressed out, concentrating on something or sleeping). So, this is a habit I must break (it introduces bacteria to the face hence causing acne) but how?

I don’t know wat to say to u,
I talk to u,
But i don’t know what to say
I chill with u,
But I don’t know wat to say
I look at you,
ANd I don’t know wat to say
FACT: I don’t know what to say to u

I take a step forward, but you say something that make me retreat back 2 steps,
You say yet again sumthing else and I venture forward
I grow weary that I may be reading too much into the situation and I stumble backward
Unaware, unable, uncomprehending.
FACT: I always end up a step behind you.

Is it turmoil or torment that turns you away
Is it unattractiveness or inability to see me in that way
Is it uncompatibility or unacceptablility that keeps you at bay
Is it just me and perhaps the things that I say.
FACT: You stay far away.

Been rambling and rambling off and on for a bit
Me in your arms…would be a perfect fit.
SOunds to me, on my head…I’ve been hit.
Rambling off sorid lines like some sodden chit.
FACT: Been reading too many romance novels and movies.