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I love my cell phone,
When it vibrates, I start to moan.
I know what you’re thinking all right,
But you gotta let me explain, just sit tight.

I love when people try to get in touch with me,
I’ll talk to them even when I’m on the toilet trying to pee.
A simple text message will do the trick,
If you don’t agree with me you’re probably just a dick.

I fell in love at first sight with this fine phone of mine,
All you naysayers are really out of line.
I am proof that it’s possible to love communicative technology,
I don’t see the point in studying sociology.

Sometimes I wonder if I love my phone more than life itself,
My mom wants me to retire it to an old basement shelf.
I wouldnt be able to function without its cool features,
Even if it means annoying the hell out of my teachers.

I play snake or Jamdat bowling every chance I get,
I browse the internet downloading shit till I’m all up in debt.
Anyways, I think I’ll go to bed now, with my trusty little sidekick,
Although I know just what you’re thinking…and you’re really really sick.

HAPPY KHALSA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As of today, April 24th, I, Tanya, will not be at home…ummm…I mean the office. If you have a need to reach me please do so my calling my cell phone.

Either that or you can call Adithi’s house!

PS…I know that my absence off of MSNand/or my on the hour every hour posts may not be made, it may shed light to a bout of chaos. Therefore I thought I’d leave an explination!

Sometimes I get in a really bad mood,
And I know my behaviour can get really crude.
I’m really sorry that I act out this way,
I always feel really bad about it the next day.

There are times I get so frustrated with life,
Maybe I should just end it all with a knife.
Just kidding, I would never do something so crazy,
But with all these problems things can get a little hazy.

You see,
I just want someone to care about me.
A lot of people that I loved passed away,
Nowadays I think about it everyday.

When my dad lay dead on the floor,
All my hopes and dreams flew out the door.
I don’t remember ever crying,
I think along with my dad, a part of me lay dying.

I just want one person to rely on,
I ain’t got no dad to depend upon.
I just want to get married and have something stable,
Or is happiness really just a fable?

I know I act action-seeking a lot,
But this universe makes me feel like a little dot.
I realize that not everyone I like can like me back,
And provide me with everything that I lack.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this,
I think I just realized that something’s really amiss.
I want to fix things before it gets too late,
I think I already ruined everything…oh great.

Man I swear I’ve had like 2 friggin weeks to study for my damn cct375 immersive virtual reality and intermodal something or the other crap…and now cruch time has come…and I still find myself…stallin

Lets see yesterday….i did diddly squat….hmmm…watched Desperado. Chilled wid some people…oh yea…the highlite of the day a work out and a brisk walk wid my sis and best friend…Did manage to go through 3 lectures.

Today…hmmmm….Hung around msn and yahoo msngr like there was no tomorrow….talked to my funny couzin Shawn…got some personal shit cleared up with someone else ova msn…and….oh yea watched Crouching Tiger HIdden Dragon…oh and yet again…did a 20 min workout…..then watched some Tv Just for Laughs Gags…man i love that show that and MXC…awesome shows…Did manage to go through a couple of lecs and start off a review sheet of sorts.

Lets see wat tomorrow brings…I wanna have fun….. :S

When will the fun begin….when…when…when….

So today I decided I’d go to school to study and get some real work done. My dad’s home all day which is pretty distracting. I think I have ADD cause when people are around and I’m supposed to be studying, I just read a couple sentences and start running around like a monkey on crack, and bothering others around me. That’s what I do all day long…bother my dad, mom, or sis….whoever’s around. Anyway…I think the real reason I decided to go to school and study was because I wanted to take my motorcycle to school, cause I know I wouldn’t get as much done at school as I would at home.

It felt great riding the motorcycle again, although it was pretty chilly. I told myself that I wouldn’t take the motorcycle out until after I got it checked up by a shop cause I had a little accident last summer and just want to make sure everythings fine and dandy.

It reminded me of all the great times I had going out on those long empty, curvy roads last year and especially reminded me of the good company I took along with me. There’s nothing better than saying “to hell with work” calling up a great friend and going out for a whole day, just the two of you and the open road. The road doesn’t care who I am, or where I am from…doesn’t care about the important things I have to do or where I live, and as the miles and hours slipped by I realized that I no longer cared either.

Can u tell im achin inside,
can u tell im tryin to abide,
abide to the rules that you want me to obey
but when i see you a tear always goes astray.
Tell me what u want,
I’ll tell u wat i want.
i just know i want to kiss u by the bay
tell me wat u want, i’ll tell u wat i’ll say
Come and get me baby… nite, dawn, dusk or day.

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