Last year I was planning on buy a new motorcycle, something a little better but still cheap on insurance. I wanted a Suzuki SV650 but these were beyond my budget. During the winter months I thought I decided to just keep the one I have and fix up whatever needed to be fixed up after the accident.
Fast forward about 6 months later, unknowingly I started looking to buy a SV650. I found one last night on The exact color I wanted, 2003 model with about 4000km’s on it and for a killer price. So I send the dude, which turned out to be a dudette, an email and received a reply with the solitary word SOLD. It hit me with the same effect as reading the sole word REFUSED in bold, capitalized red font on Rosi. She posted the for sale ad sometime yesterday and sold it by this morning. To the person who bought the bike, I hate you.
Which brings me to my next topic; Rosi. What the hell is up with those retarded REFUSED messages? It’s not bad enough that you’re a failure and won’t amount to anything, but then you have to read REFUSED in, of all the millions of colors, red. Couldn’t they have a nice pastel background with a message along the lines of “We were unable to accept you into your program of choice, please try again”
And when you do get accepted…you see nothing. Just some stupid “ACTIVE” in blue font. There should be monstrous letters spelling out CONGRATULATIONS with flashing lights and confetti and streamers. Idiots.