Sometimes I get in a really bad mood,
And I know my behaviour can get really crude.
I’m really sorry that I act out this way,
I always feel really bad about it the next day.

There are times I get so frustrated with life,
Maybe I should just end it all with a knife.
Just kidding, I would never do something so crazy,
But with all these problems things can get a little hazy.

You see,
I just want someone to care about me.
A lot of people that I loved passed away,
Nowadays I think about it everyday.

When my dad lay dead on the floor,
All my hopes and dreams flew out the door.
I don’t remember ever crying,
I think along with my dad, a part of me lay dying.

I just want one person to rely on,
I ain’t got no dad to depend upon.
I just want to get married and have something stable,
Or is happiness really just a fable?

I know I act action-seeking a lot,
But this universe makes me feel like a little dot.
I realize that not everyone I like can like me back,
And provide me with everything that I lack.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this,
I think I just realized that something’s really amiss.
I want to fix things before it gets too late,
I think I already ruined everything…oh great.