So today I decided I’d go to school to study and get some real work done. My dad’s home all day which is pretty distracting. I think I have ADD cause when people are around and I’m supposed to be studying, I just read a couple sentences and start running around like a monkey on crack, and bothering others around me. That’s what I do all day long…bother my dad, mom, or sis….whoever’s around. Anyway…I think the real reason I decided to go to school and study was because I wanted to take my motorcycle to school, cause I know I wouldn’t get as much done at school as I would at home.

It felt great riding the motorcycle again, although it was pretty chilly. I told myself that I wouldn’t take the motorcycle out until after I got it checked up by a shop cause I had a little accident last summer and just want to make sure everythings fine and dandy.

It reminded me of all the great times I had going out on those long empty, curvy roads last year and especially reminded me of the good company I took along with me. There’s nothing better than saying “to hell with work” calling up a great friend and going out for a whole day, just the two of you and the open road. The road doesn’t care who I am, or where I am from…doesn’t care about the important things I have to do or where I live, and as the miles and hours slipped by I realized that I no longer cared either.