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Truthful and deceitful, loving and hateful, good and bad, giving birth and killing others. What am I describing here? The human race. Weíre supposedly one of the smartest occupants of earth, yet we run around like animals stealing, fighting, and killing others. I say we run around like animals, yet animals donít even act the way we do. Theyíre better. They donít go around killing others for the hell of it. They kill to survive; we kill to extract revenge, out of greed or jealousy.

On a side note, as Iím sure many of you have heard Pope John Paul has passed away. One of the remaining purely good individuals has passed on, and retired to Godís house. Mother Teresa passed away earlier, Princess Diana passed away also, and now the Pope. All three of them went around the world spreading hope and love, now they are all gone. My theory is that the passing away of these three great individuals is part of the divine plan; bring the best, screw the rest.

I believe that the human race is done for. All the pure hearted individuals are now safe, and it is time for to cleanse the earth of all evil. You only need to look at history to see this pattern. Take the universal flood for example. It has been used in religious stories and mythology. Zeus sent a flood to cleanse the evil humans, and it killed everyone but two Decalion and Pyrrha. These two were considered the best of the whole race which is why they were saved. Another example is when the gods decreed the destruction of humans by a universal flood, but Enki decided to save Ziusudra by telling him to build a large boat. The point is, in the above mentioned stories the good were saved while the evil were killed off. The good were saved in hopes of repopulating the earth with a better breed of humans. If you ask me, the passing away of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and Pope John Paul is no different. Start building them boats.