I used to think I was the best,
But then I failed a really easy test.
To this day I don’t know my ABC’s,
Everytime I’m asked to recite them, I freeze.

It’s because of that test that I lost all my self esteem,
I wish my ABC’s would come to me in a dream.
My mother never cooked me alphabet soup,
She just kept me locked up in a chicken coop.

It was because of this abuse why I cant sing along,
When kids much younger than me sing the alphabet song.
If I don’t know my ABC’s, how can I mind my P’s and Q’s,
I think all these letters are just meant to confuse.

To all the parents out there, all I have to say,
Is teach your kids their ABC’s even if they’d prefer to play.
Teach them all 26 letters of the alphabet,
Only then are their basic needs really met.