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Reminds me of Splinter,
From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show.
He lived in a dark depressing sewer you know.
Now when it comes to spring,
My bank account goes “cha-ching”
It’s the sound of all my money being withdrawn,
It’s spring break, and I am gone.
Gone to Cancun,
Only to return soon,
To the sounds of summer.
Michelangelo would say “bummer”
Because he likes the dampness of the underground,
Whereas people like you and me flock to the playground.
Fall is when I start to get depressed once more,
Raking the leaves is such a goddamn chore.

Alishba’s Online photogallery has been updated.

Its so crazy lookin’ back
they are time i wish i could freeze
sometimes i wish i never had
if u think too much it just makes u mad
school fucks u over, so when its done ur glad

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I watched spongebob the squarepants movie DVD that i downloaded a couple of days ago today.
Hmm is this really a childrens movie i wondered.
Streaking starfish and drunk sponges really made the movie was quite funny.
Most of the time however, it seemed like spongebob was on crack. The way he acted or something really was not normal and it is definately not how “kids” act.