Why do they come after the brown man first?
Why do they get upset when they hear this verse?
Why is the world against us?
come on, yaar whats the fuss?
Why does bush attack?
Why must he act like a rat?
Attacking Afghanistan, then Iraq.
Where were the weapons asshole?
Stuck up your ass, this shits abysmal.
I think the day of judgement is gonna come cuz of you
Your gonna acidently set off a group of nukes
Mr. Bush, Mr. Bush, Mr. Bush
wipe your face, or should i say tush
its the same thing, political monster, power mongering king
when Em, said mosh now, why didnt the people win
no matter how hard we try bush will cheat again
Mr. Bush, do u piss oil?
seems like u need alot of it, u must not have enough on your own soil
aww, look at you, so spoiled
Mr. Bush, how can you hate terrorists?
Ur the biggest one of em’ all, aint that some crazy shit.
ok, ok, i think u got my gist.
so create a fist
end the violence so theres peace abroad and peace at home
otherwise we will all be dead, all alone