wow, the site is really coming along
ppl are getting interested, i could prolly write a song
but i would rather rap it out
cuz all i can do is shout
and shouting really isnt singing
rap is becomign more about bling blinging
so let me take it back to the roots
listen to the poor man verbalize his fruits
his fruits of knowledge, that he writes so lyrically
the words come from deep within, so spiritually
the poor man writes simply to write
no spinning rims, no slave made nikes
the poor man writes to express
listen to the poor man, cuz he’s the best
the poor man dont write about violence, but may write about death
but no bling, zing, or bullets all up in my chest
no gunz no violence, the poor man dont need it
why glamourize this shit to kids, why believe it
why not make an impact for the better
why e-mail when u can use a letter
the world has changed and its all bout the money
but the poor man wants u to laugh with him, and at him cuz he’s funny
and his nose is runny, he says crazy stuff and ppl like it even though he has no money
the poor man wont make a cent off this
still this poor mans richer than 50 cent
cuz the poor mans heart is pure gold
his morals so pure, u’d think he’s old
no matter how hard u try, u cant fit in his mould
see through the eyes of the poor man
hear 2pacs rhymes and you’ll understand
welcome to the life of the poor man

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