i was so young, why’d God have to put a whole in my heart
doctors so dumb, why’d them assholes not fix it from the start
all the fear i had to confront
all the fear i had to overcome
i was just a child, why couldnt i smile
that month was hell, it was like the pain i felt
whenever i ran or jumped too much, i couldnt breathe
one time in pakistan, i jumped and jumped then couldnt see
thats when i blacked out
tellin ppl not to mess with me, tellin em’ to watch out
my parents never told me about the hole for 12 years
but they was just protecting me from the fears
but i think back and i know this is what made me
i know everything happens for a reason, its just so crazy
i remember the nights when my chest itch like a bitch, cuz the 20 some odd stitches
the fan would be facing my chest as i lay there trying hard not give in
a life lived so clean, i’m thankfull so i try to live a life without sin
but we aint perfect, sometimes we just forget
just reminise bout those times,
remind yourself about who you is
you Riz