my sites name is rizzy
my alias is so crazy it’ll make u dizzy
make u do flip flops in the parkign lots
make u run around with shoes and no socks
make u jump off of a cliff
or a building, whats the diff
either way your splattered on the ground
looking for 3rd base when ur supposed to be on the pitchers mound
u’ll go insane runnign around and around
u will not stop until you have found
the meaning to this rap
but u’ll never find a reason
eventually you’ll call it a wrap
u’ll fold your chairs and go to your homes
mow your lawn and put in your lawn gnomes
the shows over, the madness has come to an end
now run back to your shacks and and start a new trend
call up all everyone you know call up on every friend

WOW 🙂 that was retarted and didnt make any sense just like 50 cents