do you all know Rudolf the reindeer
he’s the one with shiny nose
the other deer thought he was queer
but then santa came and, then he rose
WHAT? what the fuck is that
all u need, to be accepted is a lil pat on the back by st. pat
its all bullshit, why are we singing this
the truth and morals are lost in the mist
do u understand what i’m saying, do u get my gist
if u dont put ur fingers together and create a fist
now punch youself in the head really hard
keep on going, dont quit now
look at rudolph now, he’s egos off the wall
he spits at the other reindeers, small and tall
he even pimps some of the female reindeers cuz they think hes cool
santa gave him way too much power, what a fool
waht i’m tryign to say is that, to get accepted
be sure people understand why you felt neglected
dont use someone else as way to fit in
use ur uniquness to become a shiney gem
and if ppl talk shit about the way you look
u think they’ll respect u cuz of one man, then ur shook
cuz that popularity wont last long
and u’ll realize none of those deer liked u all along
cRAzy rEindeer: be true to yourself
dont be using santa for help

if i look in to the future
ruduloph is either all alone or a criminal or killed by all the other jealous reindeer when santa put him in power.
cuz he never got to bloom like a regular flower.

SANTA, You misunderstood Rudolph.