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I was just looking through my OPM (Official Playstation Magazine) and noticed that they are so many war games coming out. I have come to the conclusion that the United States Government funds game development companies to make such games to glorify war, and make lil teenagers more eager to go fight for their country. They are solo mission type war games and now squad based. The huge variety is kind of like training for soldiers.
I will update this post with the names of the war games in the march issue of OPM.

America’s Army
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
Mercenaries Playground of Destruction
Socom II
Rainbow Six: Lockdown
Full Spectrum Warrior

UPDATE Wow all the sites are workign in Netscape now, how strange.
Some of these sites are not even NETSCAPE friendly what a crock of shit. Those are the games I promised to list.
I remember in Splinter Cell there was a guy reading namaz. I tried to make my character read namaz next to him as best i could. I think he read behind Jamat.

I think i’m getting ill
not the type associated with skill
the type that makes u feel like shit
when u get all sleepy after takin a hit
i just fought the flu a couple of days ago
now i’m trying to prevent this one, tryin’ to make it go
but still creeps up on me real slow
i need to kick back and listen to The Eminem Show
looks like i’m running out, i must be running low
ok i’m out, too beat to go on
the show has stopped, day has turned to dawn

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Today was tiring
but not stressfull
kicked back and chilled
ate more than a mouthfull
its funny how when i write i cant think
its like the way you obvserve at the bathroom sink
after you puke and let it all out
thats the release i feel when write and shout
cuz words are like an illness stuck in my mouth
i gotta let em out, from this stomach, from this house
i can write till my fingers stop
and noone can stop me not even a cop
fbi, governement or a judge
went to mandaraine and ate some fudge
I can prolly sit and write all day
but now its time for me to play
GT4, with my brand new PROTEGE
got money transferred over from gt tres