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The website went down for 40 some odd minutes. Scared the shit out of me :'(. I almost started to cry. Welcome back site, dont ever do that again.

DreamHost Customer,

We are currently having problems with a mysql machine that one or more of your
databases is
hosted on. The server is being failed over to new hardware at this time. We
apologize for any
inconvience this outage is causing you and we assure you we are working to get
the new server
up and running as soon as possible.

-Dreamhost Mysql Server Fixing Team

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UPDATE2 I got GT4 today from the FS on dundas/dixie. I still have 8 bucks left on my FS gift card woo hooo. Will open today but cant play until I finish all my homework.
UPDATE: STUPID FS doesnt have it in yet. I’ll try again tomorrow
GT4 is scheduled for release tomorrow. Been waiting for this one for a long time. The Ultimate driving simulator
All comments are welcome. This game is for PS2. PS2 is the best 😀

this post is complete randomness
confusing, as to lead you into darkness
i write to let it out, i write to impress
i write to amuse you, and to amuse myself
but maybe i should write what i have due for uni
naw, who cares, maybe i’ll make a looney or a toonie
for writing my stuff.. ha ha ha.. i think u caught my bluff
i started off with this site knowing next to nothing
now its filled with thoughts and input, its really growing
so lets all rob tom, or end him with a bomb, or strap him to a gasoline truck and shoot it by dawn, so violently he will lay on my lawn. “violence is bad” says my mom. BUT MOM, it was TOM.

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