UPDATE3: LOGIN button posted at the top for who are registered and want to post. I also put up a WRITE button to make my life easier. Tested on IE/NetscapeThanks for pointing that out Aman.
UPDATE2: The gay pic has been finally changed to a pic I took in Algonquin. The time has been corrected. The American flag has been removed and replaced with more peacefull nation’s flags. Alot of unnecessary buttons at the top panel were removed. Last but not least, I noticed the pages section had dissapeared, so that was re-added. Please send me your input.
UPDATE: I’m trying a new themse since the last one wasnt all that great. The link to this theme is at the top under zips. Ignore the time as I am still tryign to adjust it. Ignore the gay pic for now cuz I dont know how to change it.
Trying out the new Ice theme by Zhinjio. Like it? Hate it. You can comment on the bottom.
I removed teh zoom zoom picture cuz it wasnt really my car, and no one said anything about it like, hey Rizzy thats not your car.