It was a real bitch but i fixed the layout problems in Internet Explorer. The sidebar is actually at the side now. I was trying to make the entire columns wider and i kept changing the values in Netscape but when i saved it, it always looked the same. Then i went and saw it on IE and it was F***ed up like anything. So i had to download a fresh layout file and up it to the server. The problem with IE the whole time was that my NHL pics were too big aRGH :x. It should work now. The new header is made to be freaky, look at it carefully it aint static. All those people using Internet Explorer. STOP, it sucks and has Spyware all over it. I use netscape its much better. Let me know if they are any problems if you are using IE. IE what a BITCH. Go watch Hitch πŸ™‚ good movie. NOW I can go work out. I am satisfied now.