Lately i’ve been skeptical
been chewed up and spit out like an old vegetable
distant from all around me
i squint my eyes, but still cant see
who witness me fail and become weak
because they aww in horror, and yell freak freak
life is overwhelming
look at this blade, isnt it shining?
heavy is the head that wears the crown
so i shall behead you, you F**ing clown
and watch you run around, like that chicken in pakistan in the school playground
running around getting attacked by big hounds
but you might need my hand when falling in your hole
but when i pick you up, i’ll steal your soul,
and this is how the story will unfold
“help help somebody please”
you’ll be screaming while on your knees
you will regret what you did in the past
your voice will linger in the air for one last
second, minute, or maybe an hour
but no more than that, your not worth it, you never had that much power.

Thanks for the inspiration Aman aka Mr. Babaganoush

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