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Lately i’ve been skeptical
been chewed up and spit out like an old vegetable
distant from all around me
i squint my eyes, but still cant see
who witness me fail and become weak
because they aww in horror, and yell freak freak
life is overwhelming
look at this blade, isnt it shining?
heavy is the head that wears the crown
so i shall behead you, you F**ing clown
and watch you run around, like that chicken in pakistan in the school playground
running around getting attacked by big hounds
but you might need my hand when falling in your hole
but when i pick you up, i’ll steal your soul,
and this is how the story will unfold
“help help somebody please”
you’ll be screaming while on your knees
you will regret what you did in the past
your voice will linger in the air for one last
second, minute, or maybe an hour
but no more than that, your not worth it, you never had that much power.

Thanks for the inspiration Aman aka Mr. Babaganoush

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Posted by Aman
lately I’ve been skeptical
silent when I would used to speak
distant from all around me
who witness me fail and become weak
life is overwhelming
heavy is the head that wears the crown
id love to be the one to disappoint you when I don’t fall down
but you don’t understand when I’m attempting to explain
because you know it all and I guess things will never change
but you might need my hand when falling in your hole
your disposition ill remember when im letting go

In a sad attempt to accumulate more hits, the little Pakistani we all love to hate has created a section for yours truly. From time to time I will post my divine crap, hence Amans divine crap. Now, lets get this party started.

Today, after an elegant meal at Boston Pizza, my friends and I decided to go tobogganing. Yes, I am 22 years old and I go tobogganing. Anyway, we ended up going to Centennial Park and this was my first time there. I was picturing regular sized hills much like the ones found in regular kiddy parks. To my surprise, the so called hill turned out to be a mountain. It was a damn ski slope! After walking to the top and almost having a stoke, we proceeded to go down the massive hill. Half way down, my fat ass fell off the crazy carpet which effectively jettisoned my hat, and gloves and I tumbled the rest of the way down the hill. We did this over and over for another 2 to 3 hours, trying different positions. Hey, that last line sounds like something out of a Hustler magazinenot that I own any. I just borrow them from Rizwan, whos got quite a collection. Anyway, to make a long story short: I had lots of fun, and had quite a bit of snow in my pants. Were planning on going again tomorrow.

Today was a good mail day for me. I got the Katamari Damacy game and my motorolla headset. I got the headset for 10 bucks. Regular price 30.00 using a coupon code from RFD

Katamari Damashy


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UPDATE3: LOGIN button posted at the top for who are registered and want to post. I also put up a WRITE button to make my life easier. Tested on IE/NetscapeThanks for pointing that out Aman.
UPDATE2: The gay pic has been finally changed to a pic I took in Algonquin. The time has been corrected. The American flag has been removed and replaced with more peacefull nation’s flags. Alot of unnecessary buttons at the top panel were removed. Last but not least, I noticed the pages section had dissapeared, so that was re-added. Please send me your input.
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I removed teh zoom zoom picture cuz it wasnt really my car, and no one said anything about it like, hey Rizzy thats not your car.

Heres the froggy that provides me with the tranquility and peace of mind.
UPDATE Froggy Video now up. Click the Froggy Video page to your right. Sorry, theres no sound cuz my digi cam is old and it kinda sucks now 😦 :'(.

It was a real bitch but i fixed the layout problems in Internet Explorer. The sidebar is actually at the side now. I was trying to make the entire columns wider and i kept changing the values in Netscape but when i saved it, it always looked the same. Then i went and saw it on IE and it was F***ed up like anything. So i had to download a fresh layout file and up it to the server. The problem with IE the whole time was that my NHL pics were too big aRGH :x. It should work now. The new header is made to be freaky, look at it carefully it aint static. All those people using Internet Explorer. STOP, it sucks and has Spyware all over it. I use netscape its much better. Let me know if they are any problems if you are using IE. IE what a BITCH. Go watch Hitch 🙂 good movie. NOW I can go work out. I am satisfied now.