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I got your bloody 1 MEG e-mail four times. I think thas enough dont you?

I just wanted to let everyone know aboutiSketch. It’s the online version of pictionary. It’s fun, it’s time-consuming, it’s interactive, it will keep you drawing for hours. Go check it out if you know what’s good for you!!

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i woke up early to drop off my mom
still thinkin’ of ways to rob tom
some retarted truck came infront of me
dammit you fool, cant you see?
i swerved to the right, but little do i know
i was gonna drive over 3 feet of snow
right after, my power steering kicks out
now i’m mad, so mad i just wanna shout
i dropped my mom off, now i’m about to go home
then my car dies at the queensway/tedlo cornerstone
i push the bloody van back all the way
run to moms work, walk in and say
the van just died, i need a boost
my uncles comes out and says shoot
the van takes the boost and starts kicking
but its makign weird noise, like i make when i’m shiting
the van gets dropped at moms work
thas when my uncle says look look
the alternator cable was shook

ok thats it for now…….. although car troubles increased throughout the day today.

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