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This is the first poem I ever wrote. I think I was about 11 or so. I don’t freestyle but I thought that I’d post this.

A poor boy stands alone,
His stomach cleaving to his backbone.
The rays of the blazing sun,
Shooting down on him like a gun.

He is the boy with the special eyes,
Darting around as fast as flies.
Deep blue in colour they are,
So bright like a star.

As schoolchildren run for home,
Singing gaily many a poem,
He just stands there all alone,
As he hears the happy laughter drone.

It is now night,
He closes his eyes in fright.
And as Mother tucks Child in to sleep,
A poor boy starts to weep.

I have others too, which I’ll post when I find them…lol…hope they don’t bore you too much.

This is the kind of shit every unfortunate soul in this retarted ass program is probably gonna write. The program that teaches shit and will prolly land me a shit job, where I sit behind a desk and write freestyles on my blog.. hey, well i dont mind.
p.s. Teachers dont teach SHIT, u learn on your own
CCIT freestyle

what have you done to meeee
i’m gonna kill u stupiid bithces
and hide ur bodies
fucking retarted courses
teaching through improper discourses
filled with fucking crazee’s
shit that’ll make hell freeze
i wish i could rewind time
do highschool right instead of commit crime
naw i’m just playin
it was with video games i was wastin
this bullshit i’ve been through
is my fault,its just what i do

i write rhymes all the time, some of them suck ass but most are funny
this is the first rhyme i actually decided to copy down. When i’m on a roll I go crazy and keep spitting rhymes till theres no tomorow.
I dont know the dates for these but they are from some time in past few months

sigh, but why?
i’m the coolest ever guy,
and u know its no lie
and if u was single even u would try,
but u aint and now u sit home and cry
and wish u could fly in the sky and at times u just wish u could die,
but when u smoke weed u get so high
and get so happy, to everyone u say hi,
but when i see u i just say bye,
i look at u and say damn girl look at ur eye,
its fucked up red,
what did u do guy

Well, here I go with my blog
crazy how similiar it is to a daily log
the only difference is that its public
so scary, how so many people love it

two influencors of mine are eminem and 2Pac
world greatest rappers dead and alive
now, i’m fresh out of lyrics
so just let me be, i’m gonna go kick back and watch some tv

haahahhahh funny

Ok, this post is just to see how everythign works. Soon this will be one hype webpage. hahahhha prolly not but i know i will visit it everyday.