Why are you guys so obsessed with EM’
Y’all know i’m way better than him
Is it because i’m brown and he is white
i knew it all along, i know that i’m right
so come on lets just drop the subject
lets be happy again act like rejects
lets just stop all the beef
i’m way better then him so stop stomping your feet
I change the world one laughter at a time
I wrote his lyrics, that bastard, there mine
So what should i do,maybe i should sue, or maybe i should write something thats actually true
ok just let me be honest, i hate president bush, and i want to mush
his stupid non-existant brain, his speeches give me a migrane
fucking politics, they make me sick, they all lie, u know its all about money
and i’m not even being funny, once they get to the top, they will just stop
ok so, lets all just laugh, were all gonna die anyways, prolly in a plane crash
but then again, look at the price of gas, i cant afford that shit, and now i gotta haul my ass
ok, you ppl dont like to read thigns too long, and i’m not singing a song, im just ranting
so this the end of my eminem bashing, this is the end of terrorist strike against the rapper
that was the controversial statement thats gonna send my website to the crapper

Eminem the terrorist

Eminem- Mosh