I bought a website, just to write
to express myself, to do what i like
i like your writing too, so post it here, dont be a foo
my writing professor said that people who write have less stress
so i’mma write so much, just to put that theory to the test
so much advancement in this age
books have been replaced with ps2 games
still u must educate yourself and acquire knowledge
it doesnt matter weather you went to university or college
what gets to me is these fuckin’ prices
to raise enough money, its like you gotta be lucky with dice
parking went from 450 to 600 this year
its a pity, students have to live in fear
of not being able to pay for their tuition
uni’s a busienss now, not an education providing institution
we have to buy books, written by retards
“how to read a book” oh my thats smart
i’m struggling God, so what do i do?
You say you give me these hard moments so I remember you.

ok this is getting too long har har har har har har har
keep reading, school has begun and so has the writing