Red Bull Energy Drink
I hope i’m not addicted to this shit. I woke up in the morning and as I drove to university to give in my test. I dropped by Shell and bought another one. My body keeps shaking, like I need it more. Somebody get me a can. JIBBER JABBER i cant control the cravings, its like my body is on fire and i need red bull to put out the flame.

HA HA HA Just kidding, but i DID buy it this morning hoping it would magically help me remember everythign i read in the past three days. The exam went ok, not too bad, not perferct, my usual 70 i hope. I had to pee really badly though, I finished the 2 hour exam in 50 minutes WOO HOO for 45 multiple choice and 12 fill in the blanks. YAAY i’m free, i came home and started jumping up and down for joy and starting laughing loud and uncontrollably.
Although this product may taste like medicine, it sure as hell works. I was falling asleep (as usual) while studying for my exam. After taking about 6 to 7 gulps of this drink. I was no longer sleepy. I also noticed that I was reading about 50% faster than before. I had this drink before, so its the second time it has worked. You can check out the cool flash website on for details on the drink. MMm mmm good.. working. Altough it costs 3.00 dollars for one can if you have a big assignment to finish, or an exam to study for, it’s good. I’m gonna check if any wholesale places have it for cheap.