I was painting when she cried aloud
She was trying to control the army of tears from disembarking
I saw the tears ran down her face
I even saw the new tears glimmering in her eyes
She caged them in
The more she confined them, the more resilient they became
The tears made her face frown
It reminded me of throwing rocks in a calm lake
And watching the ripples taking over the lake
I ran to her side, to see what the tears were all about
I wanted to punish them
I wanted to banish them
Armed with a Kleenex I was like a wounded soldier
I couldn’t help another wounded comrade
I couldn’t repair the damage done
I tried to punish some
But more of them appeared
From her sparkling brown eyes
The tears were too powerful
They were heavy and moved very quickly
Along the curves of her face
I didn’t like the way they made her look
I felt so useless
The tear maker is far too strong for us, I thought
He seems like a god, powerful, strong, and always right
I hate the tear maker
I hate him with a passion
But Mummy says she cares about him
She even loves him
The tear maker is Mummy’s brother
The tear maker was her brother
He is no longer one of us
He never was
He never will be ever again
Goodbye to you, tear maker