show me the bathroom quick
stop clowning dog, i gotta take a shit
and i thought i could, but i cant hold it
my face is turning blue, and i dont know what to do
its coming out, and its coming out soon
my face, its growing like an overinflated baloon
dammit u fool, look at me i look like a toon
dont feed me any more food, i ate the spoon
just point me in the direction of the loo
and this i will promise you
there wont be any shit on your face
before, my pants i disgrace
oh shit some one must have laced
the food with laxatives, but i dont feel relaxative
it must have been a relative, with their spicy food
by now its not even solid any more
its liquid, its liquid galore
its not thick its not nutritional
its watery, its not traditional
someone make me stop, i sound so rude
and the content of this shit is so crude
no literally its all about shit
seriously, its a story i wrote
i hope the professor can handle it.

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