sometimes i look back at my past
and realize its going away so fast
sometimes i feel like i’m gonna lose these memories
i’m beggin for some to stay, dammit i’m on my knees
somebody please, just remind me what its like to be a kid again
i want to be 10 years old and chillin with Will my friend.
I want to be a kid again, watching price is right with my dad.
I remember one day my dad went outside for a bit and i got real sad.
I thought he left and went somewhere
so there i sat crying in the closet in my underwear
but soon i found out that he was just outside
i hugged him tight, in him i have so much pride
lately i realized how much i’m like him
4 hours away, stuck in a park and life gets dim
i do not panic, just like my dad, i stay so calm, i dont get mad
props out to my couzin Azeem too
we’ve been homeboys since we was less than two
he was always there when i needed him
he was the person who actually cared
when other cousins came we knew where
to hide away, cuz we knew there would be so much bull shit if we stay
we’ve had our differences, i know its natural
i remeber him chatting on aol to every girl
i wanna be a kid again, living in bliss
not having to deal with all this bull shit
i wanna run around and not care bout a thing
i wanna grow backwards, and do it all again
i wanna do school again, i messed it up bad
thas why i’m stuck at utm, its the same here too, life is so sad
but i got someone special, who makes it all worth it
who makes me feel worthfull instead of worthless
who bring life to the life-less
situations… who knows what it means to have fun and joke around
who knows i can always turn that frown upside down
one who always thinks i’m smart
who respects me for who i am, who i was, and who i will become
to someone who always puts me at number one
its been a long time since I wrote
get lost without writing, like i’m about to choke
its been a long time since i could just express
myself again, i feel so blessed
takes me away from all this mess
it brings light to the darkness