UPDATE: the images of my nephew Daud and neices aamarah, laiba, and alishba had to be removed becuz it would take the site too long too load and some invalid pictures were showing up. However you can look at those sites following the blogs/reads link on the sidebar. I have included some car pics instead now which include pics from last years autoshow and some of my model car pics.
theres one naked pic of me in there, if ur lucky u might see it
hahahaaha JUST KIDDING. There is no such picture.. honest HONEST šŸ˜‰

I included some coding so that images can be seen of my neices and nephew in the sidebar.
They change on every reload. The only problem is those folder include some images like next page and crap b/c its part of teh website so just reload if u want to see another pic.
Kewl stuff though tee hee
i got the image rotatot script from here
easy and simple to use
but the retarted images like saved and leave feedback are showing for the lil kids pics so i might take it off

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