its been a while since i wrote
so i should before i choke
and this aint no joke, im seriously dead broke
this aint no magic trick, its a hoax
so listen up y’all folks
i’ve gone white, i looked in the mirror and i was like
wow, short hair like eminem, riding a harley motorbike
i looked at my boots, surprised i wasnt wearing nikes

Anger anger, release me from this cage
allow me to benefit from this rage
i looked up to God and i got spraid
the police were after me, it was a raid
its all over now, nowhere to hide
who ratted me out, who lied?
i tried and tried, but the bullets ran out
die mother fuckers, i began to shout!
u cant kill me, i’m Scar Chest
i’m wearing three bullet proof vests
but as soon as i got shot in the head
i figured its time to invest
in a nice thick helmet

ok thats what happens to me when i listen to too much Eminem šŸ˜€
HAR HAR HAR… i’ve been saying that too much lately.. WEIRD YAAR