A simple whois on my website will let you know that my website is expiring on February 16 2006.
I am planning on renewing it… but after checking out the prices of my current hoster, 😦 i may have to switch over to a new host of see if i can get that cheap deal again. Nonetheless I have put up a Donate button and will keep you posted on the website situation.

Initially I thought that It was only gonna be $20.00 for two years but then I realized that is just for domain hosting (ie. the name “rizzyc.com”) and not for webhosting. There current plan is ridiculous 9.99 a month (U.S. Dollars)

Here is a copy of the e-mail.

rizzyc.com"'s Registration expires on 2006-02-16! (Note: if you look at the whois data for this domain, you MAY see an expiration date of one year later. This DOES NOT mean the domain has been renewed! The registry "auto-renews" all domains, but they are then deleted if not EXPLICITLY renewed.) This domain will expire unless you explicitly renew it at the Domain > Registration of our web panel at https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tree=domain.registration ** Even *if* your renewal is free, your hosting is not! ** If you renew a domain for free and then cancel your hosting, you will then have to pay the $9.95 for the domain registration. ** Even if you let your registration expire, your *hosting* will renew and you WILL BE CHARGED unless you close your account at: https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tree=billing.accounts Also, you might want to change your renewal settings using the Domain > Registration area... "Yes" : We will always make sure your domain gets renewed. "Ask" : Your current setting, we just send you these emails. "No" : We will not bug you, nor will we renew your domain. Remember, if your domain registration expires: 1. Your web site at that domain will stop working. 2. Your email at that domain will stop working. 3. After about 30 days the domain will be available for anyone in the world to register again! Thanks for choosing DreamHost! The Happy DreamHost Domain Registration Team