OSAP- Often Students Are Poor, so why does OSAP Ontario Students Assistance Program give such minimal fees to those students that need it. This year I got a whopping ten grand ($10 000.00) statement from those money mongering bastards at UTM. They created this CCIT (Cash Crooks In Tights) Program that is deregulated so that they can up their fees whenever they wish. In the end, the students are indeed screwed. So here is my problem. After getting all of the fees from OSAP PLUS a $2 300.00 Grant, I still owe UTM (money mongering bastards) $1 756.79. So what should I do now. I do not wish to trouble my parents for any more money, they have helped enough for the past three years. How can I get more money or get this balance to dissapear. I thought OSAP was supposed to help cover the costs for Books, Transporation, and Fees. Need money badly.

Speaking of Money. Zeeshan has suggested using www.afmu.com to host my website cuz I just need to buy a new domain (or transfer this one rizzyc.com) and they will host it for free. So start using that donate button folks. Its getting quite lonely. I think its $27.00 U.S. I will give more details on this later.