I have made this section for my cuz, Azeem. You may not all know it but Azeem and me used to freestyle alot. U know how rappers talk bout rappin’ on the porch… well me azeem used to bust freestyles anywhere…
I know you say your retired.. but i think if i start you off you might just come out of your retired state…

you say you are retired
but your prolly just tired
you work really hard for your folks
life is hard, you and i both know
i know u got the flow somewhere in you
look deep inside and u wil find it too

aight i gotta study or i would go on for ever…

just a note for BOSS2458, when u click on write (at the top of the page) and then a page comes up. UNCHECK the General box and CHECK your box (Azeem, the retired FLowster)