First when I bought my new keyboard i was so super thrilled, it still types really well and it is super amazing but my thrill soon turned to anger when I found out that some super kewl buttons didnt work with NETSCAPE. BLOODY HELL ASS WIPE SHIT LOGITECH decided not to support netscape…. I am so pissed off. What are they nuts? Everyone uses netscape…. or mozilla

on the plus not, i downloaded Netscape 8.0 Beta and its really really wicked.. you should try it out..
once you discover tabbed browsing you will never go back to shitscape..
here is a link to check it out

Now i have to find a workaround to get my brand new Logitech Media Keyboard to run Netscape… it has these really kewl back and forward buttons that would work with browsers and stuff

I also noticed that the random pictures are aligned properly in this version of netscape.. yaaay Netscape