now u can add moods, unfortunately i dont think i have a drop down method yet
but here is how u use it

after u write all ur crap under key look down a lil its there type in
mood and under value type ur mood
any one of these WITHOUT the extension. (happy.gif => happy)

amused.gif annoyed.gif
awake.gif bitchy.gif blank.gif cold.gif
complacent.gif confused.gif crappy.gif curious.gif
cynical.gif depressed.gif determined.gif devious.gif
dirty.gif drunk.gif embarrassed.gif energetic.gif
enthralled.gif envy.gif exhausted.gif giggly.gif
guilty.gif happy.gif horny.gif hot.gif
hungry.gif hyper.gif impressed.gif indescribable.gif
lethargic.gif loved.gif mad.gif mischievous.gif
moody.gif nauseated.gif nerdy.gif okay.gif
predatory.gif quixotic.gif relaxed.gif relieved.gif
sad.gif scared.gif shocked.gif sick.gif
silly.gif sore.gif stressed.gif surprised.gif
thirsty.gif thoughtful.gif uncomfortable.gif weird.gif