I’m really super busy
honest, i’m trying to study
but still i’ll spit down a rhyme
it wont take too much time
i’m learnign about homo sapiens
shorty after watchign predator vs. aliens
the movie went flop
but here i sit on top
and noone can drop
rymes iller than me
its crazy that i’m so crazy
watched 50 cent on mtv
dang that nig is cockee
thinks he owns the world
he looked pretty pissed when the interviewer asked “u got no girl?”
he asked how big is ur house?
50 said 18 bedrooms and no one lives in it, not even a fu*king mouse
so when ur on top, i guess ur all alone
so i’ll stay in the middle, make myself a clone
a clone to do all my work, while i sit and play
sit around the house, and do nothing all day
yaay, hey, isnt that an idea for movie
oops they already made it, it was a doozy
ok man this shit was supposed to be short
gotty study, i cant even rhyme anythign anymore
beep beep

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