the world is getting fucked, fucked up real fast
ppl are killing ppl, its like humanity wont last
people have no morals anymore
its like every mans a pig and every womans a whore
well thats what the songs are telling us, and lil kids are listenin’
its International Womens day, so lets try and bring
the morals that we lost, back
otherwise we will keep setting ourselves in a trap
we gotta respect each other as equals
the last era was messed up, we dont need this one to be a sequel
so lets learn to respect each other
every man is ur brother
each woman should be respected like your mother
i just dont understand why we dont see it
i’m not talking nonsense, i’m not talking shit
whats making us blind
its so hard to explain, the words i cant find
i aint a politician and i’m no super activist
but i want my lyrics to be meaning full
i want to be known as a lyricist
every rap i hear, every womans called a bitch
thas what rappers are saying, and there getting rich
either that, or they’re called hoe’s
but a woman is who created you, from your head to your toe
what the fuck is wrong with you, you retarted asshole?
fuck it, i’m done
i cant rap with this rage
its like i’m stuck in a cage
i need to just calm down
need to take a break
look at the ceiling, look at the ground
need to just breath, thats right
it’ll change, it’ll be alright