I look to God for inspiration
my workout produces perspiration
but its my homee geeet who provides the motivation
with these crazy rhymes i’m tryin to come up with some innovation
i just looked in the dictionary to provide me with a definition
sometimes i scroll down and marvel at my creations
it is time to make a change for the better
life isnt all fun, u gotta work for the chedder
i gotta defeat the enemy like ninja turtles defeated shredda
its time for me to become more focused
i can type fast but i might just
slow it down once in a while
to keep myself on top with a smile
azeem said i needed a life
well, maybe i need a knife
to slit my wrist not once but twice
did u know in french riz means rice?
but to be honest, azeem was right
i need a job, im like a superstar baseketball player with NO HEIGHT
life gets scary sometimes it gives me a fright
the kind that makes u tremble in the middle of the night
ma rhymes should be respected, u know there tight