i just came back from work
i’m dyin’ from this thirst
dont look, u’ll see me at my worst
i’m so tired, yet i dont wanna get fired
i worked my but off man, i’m so glad i got hired
i actually feel like i work for the money
unlike the gas station where everything is funny
where hitesh cant keep his eyes off the lil playboy bunny
but the peeps at this job are swell
so, thas it.. shell can pretty much go to hell
its crazy thas i’m so sleepy and i can still spit
like i’m about to pass out on my new matress
now its jsut a matter of choice
so listen up, as i wont raise my voice
should i get a big screen tv, or can i afford a car
i know what y’all are saying.. chillax yaar
ok thas it, i’m out to go to sleep
hopefully its deep and i can still feel my feet

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