I got a big screen television. 51″ of PURE FUN. HAR HAR HAR its a Hitachi High Definition Rear Projection television. (got it a while ago just too damn lazy to take the picture)

Second Big Announcement:
After 3 years of taking courses for a program while pretending to be in the Statistics Major has finally paid off. I finally got into the CCIT (Communication Culture and Information Technology) Program. The downside is that they back tracked me a lil over 3,000 dollars and the set fee for this major program is a lil over 7000 totalling this years bill at around 10 500.

Third Big Announcement:
Well, this is old news but i got a job making doors for Chryler at a place called Collins & Aikman. They pay great but i’m on call so that kinda sucks ass but when u get $18.61/Hour + shift premiums, u dont complain.

Fourth Sad Announcement:
I got FIRED again from shell, this time from the new manager. Once again it was an unfair and unjust dismissal. I really dont care about the job since i prolly make more than the asswipe manager but he needs to realize what he did was wrong and he was blaming me for everything that went wrong cuz he found out i got fired Last time. A BOMB NADESON Freestyle coming soon.

Fifth Big Announcement:
I think Zeeshan’s Website is dead… lets hope this site does not have the same faith. I might have to put up a donation button so ppl can donate so they can continue to express themselves on my wondeful site (which noone visits anymore :()

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