The other day I was in class, and the professor handed the class a list of 4 essay topics and said “on the test you will have a choice of 2 topics on which to write. You only have to write on one topic.” So, my brilliant mathematician friend turns to me and says “holly crap! We have to research, and remember all 4 topics?? That’s gonna take forever!” I looked at him, puzzled, and asked if he just heard what the professor said to which he responded yes. I shook my head and told him we only have to know 3 because the prof was going to give us a choice. After explaning and drawing a series of diagrams he understood why we only had to know 3 topics. Wow.

on a side note, isn’t this beautiful?
SL 65

excuse me while i drool, and get a change of underwear. Click here for full Screen pic